My number one focus is to see you reach your goals within a realistic time frame. Whether it is to consistently finish a two hour ride, or win the elite national championship, those are goals we can tackle. I have been training with power since 2009 and was taught by a group of highly respected coaches in the industry. I have reviewed thousands of power files, helped numerous athletes upgrade from Category 5 to Category 1, and watched some of my athletes go from overweight office people to elite athletes that will scare you on the bike. Seriously.

People look at my Strava and say, "I can't ride that much!" Don't worry; if I was properly training to win bike races, I would be riding less. I just LOVE riding, so I do it. If you have 3 hours during the week and time on the weekends, we can get you hitting your goals. I'm not joking. You do not need to be riding over 10 hours like some people will tell you.

There is a fine balance between training and living your life; the bike usually cannot come first, and I completely understand that. This is a hobby, albeit an extremely passionate one for many of us, but things happen and we work around those obstacles; they do not derail your success. As long as you remind yourself, "This is just training for a race/ride", it will all work out.

I am a six-time Elite Men's New York State Champion (3x Road Race, 2x Time Trial, 1x Criterium). I have won almost every road race in New York state, podiumed twice at the Men's P/1 Tour of the Battenkill, and have been on the podium at over 50 P/1/2 races since 2010. My palmarès are located here.

Bottom line: if you want to WIN, let's go.